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We can create Australia’s clean energy future. One community at a time.

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The People's Grid is Australia’s revolutionary energy movement. Join us to become part of a local grid of households, businesses, community groups, and energy producers. Let’s power a greener future. This is grassroots energy.

Why Us

Small switch. Giant impact.

We are the new energy builders. Individuals, households with rooftop solar, and renewable energy producers unite to create a local, renewable energy grid. Together, we power The People’s Grid.

The People's Grid Ecosystem

The role you play in our grid

Energy Allies

People who switch to buy energy through The People's Grid.

Allies strengthen our grid and help us fund future climate and energy projects.

Energy Amplifiers

People with rooftop solar can add to the grid.

Amplifiers are paid to feed excess solar into The People's Grid. They’re prosumers and help power the community.

Energy Producers

Local, renewable energy producers powering our grid nationwide.

Our grid’s heavy lifters. These local generators ensure a stable and renewable power supply — through solar, wind and biogas.

Collective Power

Community powers The People’s Grid

Start a Collective so your community can access local, renewable energy. You can even use it to raise funds for a common goal. An opportunity to build your own grid and power your community.

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Collectives already powering The People's Grid

Mycelia Energy Collective

To provide our community of households and businesses with local, renewable energy.

The Victorian People's Grid

Our goal is to become a significant part of this new era of Community Energy in Australia

The SA People's Grid

To provide 30 households with local, renewable, community energy.

Form your own collective and bring local, renewable energy to your community today.

Start a collective

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