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Community powers The People’s Grid. Create a Collective and share it with your community to offer simple access to local, renewable energy. Here’s a chance to build your own grid and help create a greener, brighter future for all.

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What is a collective?

Each collective is a community energy grid. It connects to local energy sources, such as your neighbour’s rooftop solar and renewable producers. This directly provides clean energy to your community and can even help you raise funds around a social impact goal.

Collectives already lighting up The People's Grid

Mycelia Energy Collective

To provide our community of households and businesses with local, renewable energy.

The Victorian People's Grid

Our goal is to become a significant part of this new era of Community Energy in Australia

The SA People's Grid

To provide 30 households with local, renewable, community energy.

Why create a collective?

A Collective is your chance to redistribute the power. Build your own community grid based entirely on renewables.

For the first time, you can build your own community grid based entirely on renewables. Break free from large energy retailers and set your own rules around your energy supply. Our unique matching algorithm connects energy from a local renewables farm or your neighbours’ excess rooftop solar back to your home or business.

Two baristas stand outside a trendy cafe

Sandy & Grace

Cafe Owners

Put your energy to good use. Make a change in your community through Collective fundraising.

Less fossil fuels, more feel good. Your Collective could have an added social impact element. Your community members who switch to The People’s Grid will contribute a small weekly sum towards your social impact project. Use that contribution to invest in a greener future: like additional community renewables or donations to charities fighting the climate crisis.

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Contribute to a renewable grid bigger than the sum of its parts.

From your neck-of-the-woods to the global forests. Together, we can power our grid with renewable energy. One community at a time. We need community movers, and energy builders. We welcome all communities willing to take power into their own hands and make a choice towards a better world.

Large-scale rooftop solar installation at sunset

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Power your community with The People’s Grid

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