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Mycelia Energy Collective

Everyone has the right to be change makers and be part of the transition to a regenerative future. The time for change is now.

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    Join our collective movement towards renewable energy

    To provide our community of households and businesses with local, renewable energy.

    The more of us sharing energy means more benefits come back to community. We know that investing in and enabling localised, distributed renewable energy, owned by people and communities, can lead to many well-being benefits and means more money stays in local economies. We will channel funds raised through the Collective directly into energy efficiency initiatives, affordable energy for those most in need , bringing well-being, money and power back to the people!

    Our Community

    Simple renewable switch. Competitive rates. Improved communities.

    Part of your energy bill – around $1 per week – is donated to your Collective’s nominated purpose. 100% of these donations go directly towards this common goal.

    Energy Allies


    Energy Amplifiers


    Kirsten Crooks

    Joined 28.4.24

    Mario Zinellu

    Joined 25.4.24

    Catherine Mariniello

    Joined 25.4.24

    Sam Farah

    Joined 25.4.24

    Sam Farah

    Joined 25.4.24

    Sam Farah

    Joined 25.4.24

    Leonie Potter

    Joined 18.4.24

    Ashley Hill

    Joined 5.4.24

    John Augustes

    Joined 3.4.24

    Kathryn Henderson

    Joined 1.4.24

    Barbara Oates

    Joined 21.3.24

    Barbara Oates

    Joined 21.3.24

    Jason Eldridge

    Joined 20.3.24

    Energy Allies

    Members who switch to buy energy through The People’s Grid. Allies strengthen our grid and help us fund future energy and climate projects.

    Energy Amplifiers

    People who add to the grid through rooftop solar. Amplifiers are paid to feed excess solar into The People’s Grid. They help power the community.

    Join our Grid

    More people, more power. Find your area rates.

    See a rate you like? Switch to The People’s Grid in just a few minutes.

      The story of our energy

      Members with rooftop solar power our grid

      Featured Energy Amplifiers

      Malcolm Harding

      Solar supplied: 35kWh

      Leonie Potter

      Solar supplied: 69kWh

      Werner Theinert

      Solar supplied: 234kWh

      Lynton Elms

      Solar supplied: 263kWh

      Mary Lou Howlett

      Solar supplied: 30kWh

      Sarah Keys

      Solar supplied: 815Wh

      Stacey Shine

      Solar supplied: 197kWh

      Kathryn Henderson

      Solar supplied: 94kWh

      Anthony Schellekens

      Solar supplied: 170kWh

      Cathie Beenie

      Solar supplied: 58kWh

      Jutta Burgstahler

      Solar supplied: 133kWh

      Michael Wilkins

      Solar supplied: 241kWh

      Nikole Schellekens

      Solar supplied: 381kWh

      Kevin Brown

      Solar supplied: 89kWh

      Stephen Craven

      Solar supplied: 86kWh

      Daniel Rosen

      Solar supplied: 625kWh

      Tim Herring

      Solar supplied: 27kWh

      Michael Rynia

      Solar supplied: 970kWh

      Sue Bayly

      Solar supplied: 3,025kWh

      John Augustes

      Solar supplied: 132kWh

      Barbara Oates

      Solar supplied: 194kWh

      Jan & Geoff Trezise

      Solar supplied: 2,436kWh

      David Cox

      Solar supplied: 203kWh

      David Baggallay

      Solar supplied: 0Wh

      Jason Eldridge

      Solar supplied: 311kWh

      Steve Duffy

      Solar supplied: 170kWh

      Ashley Hill

      Solar supplied: 25kWh

      Anant Patel

      Solar supplied: 236kWh

      Melanie-June Leighton

      Solar supplied: 657kWh

      Peter Walton

      Solar supplied: 49kWh

      Andrew Lawry

      Solar supplied: 455kWh

      Michael Littlechild

      Solar supplied: 332kWh

      Jeff Nottle

      Solar supplied: 795kWh

      Michael Upston

      Solar supplied: 2,654kWh

      Karen Weaver

      Solar supplied: 92kWh

      Shirani Perera

      Solar supplied: 0Wh

      Wendy Ranke

      Solar supplied: 736kWh

      Grazyna Mackiewicz

      Solar supplied: 303kWh

      Elizabeth Smart

      Solar supplied: 696kWh

      Manisha Blencowe

      Solar supplied: 95kWh

      Eleanor McKay

      Solar supplied: 839kWh

      Moragh Mackay

      Solar supplied: 1,310kWh

      Sierra Dunton

      Solar supplied: 1,788kWh

      Yasser Bakri

      Solar supplied: 339kWh

      Andrew Holden

      Solar supplied: 1,670kWh

      Bhavani Rooks

      Solar supplied: 2,118kWh

      As well as local, renewable energy producers to keep our energy clean.

      Moragh Mckay
      Collective Manager

      Collective Updates

      Amazing work! We just reached 100 members.

      We have achieved lift-off! Thank you for joining us - let's do some good together!

      Powered by The People's Grid

      Local Power.
      Global Impact

      For the first time, households and small business customers have the option to build their own grid. That means directly buying and sharing energy from local, renewable energy producers. Find the energy generator that aligns with your values and vision, or sits close to heart and home.

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