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Who We Are

People-powered has a new meaning. For the first time, households, businesses, community groups, and energy generators can transition from big energy and unite to power their own communities with local renewables.

Aaron Yew

A message from our founder

At its core, The People’s Grid is about communities and people. We are the new energy builders and energy should be powered by us! My friends, family and I have already switched to the grid and I hope you’ll join and launch this movement with us.
- Aaron Yew | Founder & CEO of The People's Grid

We Believe

Communities are powerhouses of change.

The People’s Grid is more than an energy offering: we’re a movement that will change the way Australia thinks about – and uses – its energy.

The Current System

Dirty energy smothers the market.

Choice is a beautiful thing. But when it comes to energy, Australians miss out. We feel powerless against big energy retailers who prioritise their bottom line over our environment. And the current system around rooftop solar is a limited solution that feeds back into dirty energy. We should, at least, be able to decide where our energy comes from. Collectively, we can cross a new frontier into an offering that allows us to be part of something and do something about climate change. An offering that puts choice on the market.

A coal power plant spews gas into the atmosphere

Our brighter future

Let’s build a grid that puts our energy to good use

The People’s Grid redistributes the power away from big energy and into the hands of communities. In a few clicks, you can create and sign up for entirely renewable electricity. Let’s step away from being passive consumers in the current system and step into creating our own systems. The People’s Grid leverages existing renewables and encourages the creation of more. Now, communities can choose where their energy comes from. Keep the lights on indoors and keep the air clean outdoors.

A wind farm is visible over a green hill with picturesque clouds
A couple laugh together whilst embracing

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the peoples grid.

Where we are

We already light up South Australia and Victoria.

We’ll soon be powering communities all around Australia and we plan to take our unique model to the rest of the world.

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